Businesswoman on the phone

Free On Hold Messages for Your Telephone System

Businesswoman on the phone

We often get asked:

  • Can you provide the audio in the format I need for my telephone system?
  • What will your on-hold messages sound like on my phone system?

In answer to the first one, yes. We are familiar with the common audio formats required by telephone systems and VoIP telephony. On the rare occasion that we have been asked for an obscure format we have been able to provide that too. So, in short, there has not been a situation where we weren’t able to provide a particular format.

In answer to the second question, it depends on how your phone system treats music and voice, and the file format it requires. However, to help, we have decided to offer some free on hold messages so you can hear for yourself.

Free On hold Music and Messages

  • These tracks have a generic message in them and can be used for any business.
  • Use them to test our audio or use them to save money, they are free.
  • If you are a telephone company you are also free to use them for your clients.
  • The background music is royalty-free meaning that there a no payments due to PROs for using them.

No Catch

This is not a sales ploy to get you in a contract. We don’t operate contracts unlike some companies who offer free demos. We do offer custom on hold messaging services for a one-time fee, but you are not obliged to use us by using our free on-hold music and messages.

Find out how to get yours on our Free On Hold Music page.

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