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On Hold Messaging Solutions, Which Way to Go?

Two businesswomen at office desk thinkingYou’ve Got Your Telephone System?

We don’t provide the telephone hardware… BUT… If you are considering using our on hold messaging service you probably already have your hardware from one of our telephony hardware associates. However, if you have found us via a search engine and are looking for a hardware supplier, we can recommend a supplier local to us when providing you with an on-hold quote.

Want to Learn More About Telephone Hardware?

Although On Hold Messaging Direct does not provide on hold hardware, the following article should give you a good idea of the options available and what to consider when looking for a hardware supplier.

When setting up an office telephone system and on hold messages for your company there are basically two routes you can take.

1. Use an On Hold Solutions Provider – Expensive option

These companies provide the hardware/system and custom on hold audio as a package.

This service is provided by companies that do it all for you from writing your script to installing and setting up your hardware to recording and installing your audio. The positive point is that you do not have to do anything, they do it all; however, the negative aspect is the cost and the contract.

Typically, the contract is for 3 years and if you don’t renew you will no longer be able to use their audio or script. Everything they create for you is copyrighted by them so reusing it after your contract ends is not an option.

2. Separate On Hold Solutions – Much More Flexible

In recent years many specialist telephony hardware providers have emerged offering companies more cost effective ways of acquiring telephone systems. It does require a little organising by you as you will need to source the telephone hardware separately.

As for the on hold messages, provide professional audio that can be purchased for an affordable one-time payment, which can drastically cut the costs of your on hold messaging requirements.

The phone messages are recorded by professional voice overs and combined with background music to create a top class production.

On hold players

You can purchase on hold mp3 players that connect to a compatible telephone. Quite simply this set-up allows you to use a PC to load audio onto the on-hold player via memory card or USB memory stick. These systems deliver high quality caller experience as the audio comes from an mp3. Once you have your on hold player set up you can order customised on hold audio and install it yourself very easily.

Also, as these machines have no moving parts or software they are extremely reliable and can function for many years.

Larger systems with Menus

There are hardware companies who can advise you on larger telephony systems with IVR and menu options, i.e. Press one for sales, press two for accounts… please hold… etc.

These systems are a lot more involved and require a specialist company to advise and install the right system for you. They may include a server based system called Asterisk or business grade VoIP (Voice over IP) for example.

It will involve renting, but renting this type of system and buying your on hold messaging separately will be vastly cheaper than using a conventional on hold company.

In conclusion

Whether you go for the cheaper or more expensive option depends on your business needs. If budget is not an important factor and you like the idea of having your telephony solution fully covered by one company, then the convenience of using a conventional on hold supplier might be for you.

On the other-hand, if you want a much more affordable option where you own the equipment and on hold audio, you should consider sourcing a telephony system provider for your hardware requirements and use a specialist on hold audio company for your on hold messages and IVR voice requirements. It is affordable, convenient and professional.

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