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Sell Our Telephone Voice Over Service from Your Website

Two business people shaking hands

We have been providing on-hold messages and IVR telephone audio for many years now. We have had a lot of experience and accumulated many voice overs and good PRS free music that our clients benefit from.

We have discovered two things:

  • Most of our customers are small to medium businesses that come to us because their preferred telephone system provider does not offer audio services.
  • Many telephone service providers do not want to provide telephone audio as dealing with voice overs, music licensing and audio production does not align with their telecommunications activities.

Likewise, we do not offer telephone equipment or telecommunications services as it does not align with our core skills of creating audio.

However, we have realised that telephone providers do not like sending their clients away to source their own audio and some clients would rather have the audio and telephone provided by the same company.

This is probably the reason that we frequently get asked whether we have a white-label / reseller service available. The good news is that we do and that it can work with any telecommunication provider, whether you want to charge your clients as a one off fee or on a subscription. Additionally, our system works with us front of house dealing with your clients or anonymously in the background.

If you are a telephony company and are interested in offering our telephone audio services to your clients, please get in touch so we can talk to you about the possibility of integrating our services as a white label / reseller offering to your clients.

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