Should You Use Christmas On-Hold Music?

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This is a matter of opinion, but here at On Hold Messaging Direct. we think the answer is Yes! You should use Christmas on-hold music.

We understand that not everybody celebrates Christmas, believes or even finds the season bearable. Bah Humbug! But regardless of this, the majority of the UK ends up looking, sounding and feeling very festive on the run-up to Christmas. The shops use the season as early as they can to promote sales, products, promos etc. And you can join in the seasonal festiveness too. Even if you are not aligning it to sales or promotions, Christmas music on hold is a great way to get in the festive spirit.

Is it too soon?

Some people may not appreciate Christmas greetings as early as November and while not everyone will appreciate the festive sentiments or even celebrate this time of year, it is unavoidable once November and December get here. And even those who may not celebrate Christmas will enjoy some time off work and enjoy quality time with family. Regardless of people’s religious views and beliefs, I have never met anyone who is absolutely against the Christmas holiday. 

Just like other holidays and festivals that are celebrated in the UK, there is generally a feeling of acceptance and respect that is to be expected in a multicultural society.

What is the best Christmas music to use?

Okay, you have decided to go full Christmas and want music to suit the season. Unfortunately, you cannot just upload your Bublé Christmas CD to your on-hold system. Well, you may be able to if you pay a PRS/PPL license, but assuming you have not got that option what can you do?

There are many Christmas carols and songs that are out of copyright, however, there is still copyright in the recording and arrangement, so the best option is to buy some Stock Music or Royalty-Free Music. Depending on where you get it from you should be able to play the music year after year for a one-time fee.

We have you covered with a wonderfully sparkling, cork popping, glittery snow-topped collection of orchestral renditions of traditional Christmas music.

As a special offer from now until 1st January 2022, you can buy a collection of Orchestral or Piano Christmas on-hold music at 30% off the website price. Apply code XMAS30 before checkout.

Orchestral Christmas On-Hold Music

Christmas Solo Piano On-Hold Music

Each collection contains full quality WAV files and the most common telephone formats. You can also request alternative formats if needed.

Need a voice-over?

Well, good that you ask. We can provide custom voiceovers for you. Just get in touch with your script or pick a package on our website.

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