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The Budget Conscious Method for Your Company On-Hold

Businesswoman on the phone with laptop openThe conventional yet more expensive waySet of vintage telephone with many handsets

The more expensive option is to contract all of your telephone requirements to a company that takes care of the whole process: the script, the voice over, the music licensing, the equipment needed and the upkeep. While this may be convenient for you and you will not have to do much yourself you will need to enter a contract and pay monthly for this level of service.

The flexible and cost effective way

The more attractive option for most, especially startups and SME’s is to source the items individually and save a small fortune.

To start with, the equipment, whether online or in the form of a small PBX box, is relatively inexpensive to buy and there are numerous cloud and web based systems that are very affordable too. Many of these suppliers are very helpful when it comes to setting up your system and uploading your audio. You must decide which company suits your requirements best. To aid you, we have created our own directory of companies that offer solutions for your telephone system.

Typically speaking, the company that provides equipment is separate to the company that records and produces the audio. These are two distinctive and different skill sets, so even a company that does the whole package is likely to outsource one aspect or the other, depending on their area of expertise.

So, you can easily source the physical aspect of this business need. Next you need to write a script, which is easy to do yourself with a little bit of guidance (see our script writing guide); you know your business better than anyone.

Then you need to source a voice over that can record and deliver the audio in the correct format optimised for telephone use. They will also have to take care of mixing music and you (or them) will have ensure that the music is licensed for use.

Alternatively, rather than hire a voice over yourself and deal with the music licensing, you can hire us for your telephone messaging needs.  There are some real advantages in doing it this way.

Firstly, you are not tied into a contract with one company. Secondly, you own the copyright in your script and can buyout the audio copyrights. This means no monthly payment is needed for your audio. The companies that charge you contractually will retain the copyright in any script they write or audio they record.

Obviously, you may prefer to leave it all to one company, however, if you wish to save a lot of money and enjoy the flexibility of a pay as you go service, you can do the following:

  1. Source your telephone system (either search the web or look at our directory)
  2. Write your script (see our script writing guide)
  3. Order from our affordable voice and music packages

The choice is yours. This post at least shows you an alternative and money saving way, and please be assured that in terms of quality, there is no difference in using our service or a contracted service. The difference is just in the cost and comes down to how much you need to do.

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