What Do Your Customers Need to Know in 2022?

It is a New Year and new opportunities for business. Various Covid rules are easing and things are slowly returning to normal. Many businesses have made temporary or permanent changes to their business operations and services. Have You?

Your customers may not be aware of this so now is the perfect time to let them know.

How can you get the message out?

The perfect opportunity is while your callers are on hold. For example:

  • Do you have temporary Covid guidelines in place for visitors to your business?
  • Have your opening hours changed?
  • Have you introduced any new services?
  • Are there any changes to your products?

If your welcome greeting or on-hold messages are out-of-date, you could be missing an opportunity.

If it’s time to refresh your telephone audio, be it an auto-attendant, IVR menu, out of hours, voicemail greeting or on-hold marketing messages, we can help.

We charge an affordable one-time fee for recording and producing your messages to put on your phone system.

For more information and tips about business audio branding please follow our blog. Or opt-in to our mailing for some Free Music On Hold Messages and occasional tips.

Here’s to a great New Year, and an end to you know what!

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