What goes into an on hold production?

on-hold-audio-productionMost of our clients are not too concerned with the details of the recording and production process and are only really concerned with the final result. That is perfectly fine, however, there are some who want to know what actually happens step-by-step. This is fine too and we are more than happy to share this information.

Most people are quite surprised at how much work is involved. Some people think it is merely a case of speaking the words into a microphone and it is done, when in fact, it takes knowledge, experience and the correct microphone, and the right software is crucial too.

So, for those who want to know, here are the 5 steps

  1. Voice over recording
  2. Audio editing
  3. Audio production
  4. Delivery
  5. Amends

To read the full document see this page on our website On Hold Production Process in Detail.

If you have any comments or further questions please feel free to leave them below or get in touch.

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