This offer seems too good: Can I just phone your office so I know you are real?

Yes, you may be surprised at how affordable we are if you have been quoted by some of our competitors, but don’t worry… We are a real and legitimate business. We just provide a different type of service.

For more, see I got a quote from one of your competitors, why are they more expensive?

If you are unsure you are welcome to research us online and also see about us for more about our history and see who we are. (need a good about section… did we not write one?)

Direct phone contact is not something we can offer as it makes our online service unworkable. Every job, project or enquiry is log’d into our system and handling unscheduled incoming calls is not factored into this process.

Please be assured, just because we are not a face-to-face, end-of-the-phone type of business this does not mean you won’t get an absolute professional service.

We are 100% professional with years of experience in our field and in delivering via the internet.

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