Can I have a credit facility?

As a web-based company, it is our company policy to work on a pre-payment basis for small to medium size jobs.

If it is a very large project or difficult to quote for accurately we may offer an alternative. This will be on the basis of an initial deposit to get started, with staged payments (where appropriate) and a final payment upon completion before delivering the master files.

We do not offer 30 or 60 days credit for the following reasons: –

  • Our accounts infrastructure is automated to keep overheads low and prices competitive
  • Our online transaction system automatically creates your receipts
  • Maintaining credit accounts is not practical or necessary for us to trade successfully 

A possible solution

We understand that having a credit account can be more convenient for you, especially if you are waiting for payment from your client, however, we know from experience that offering credit is not a practical business model for us and we no longer offer it.

Many of our clients use the convenience of a business credit card as this offers a readily available third party source of credit for your projects. This means you can still benefit from our competitive rates and you can be happy in the knowledge that our charges are for our services only and you are not paying extra to cover invoice chasing or bad debts incurred by other clients.

If this method does not work for you, then there are many production houses that work in the conventional way, but they are usually much more expensive than us and typically contract based.

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