Can I have multiple takes and provide precise direction on each recording?

If you require precise direction in terms of pace, intonation, spacing, individual word emphasis etc. and expect to have multiple retakes done of the recordings then our service may not be a good fit for your requirements. If this level of control is needed we would suggest that maybe a service where you can be present at the studio during the recordings would be a better option.

Each of our voice overs has an online demo on our website that demonstrates the quality, pace and style of their recordings. We aim to correct any problems to your satisfaction but it is not feasible or economical for us to respond to comments such as:

  • We’d like the voice over to do another take, this time…
  • Record that section again without pausing…
  • Add more intonation
  • Do a higher pitched read
  • Do a lower pitched read
  • Add more inflection to …
  • The flow and pace is not right for our brand
  • More gravitas, on words …
  • It sounds weird, do it again please

If this is the level of input you require, please book a studio session with a voice over as we cannot help.

Of course, we will do re-records if our voice over makes an obvious mistake or mispronounces a word that you advised about beforehand or if the recording is very different from their demo (see our faq about changes).

We have 10 years experience producing audio and 99% of our clients love our affordable, straightforward service and how it works, but occasionally we have clients whose expectation is that we will re-record several variations again and again until they deem it ready to use and are not pleased when we have to charge them for a re-voicing.

This faq is to help you understand the limitation of our service compared to booking your own voice / studio time.




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