I got a quote from your competitor: Why are they so expensive?

We have heard this quite a number of times now.

Firstly, we are priced very competitively and the audio you will get from us is as good, if not better, but without the added costs.

The reason

Some companies in this sector have sales agents and account managers who source all of your hardware, deal with your script and organise and install your audio. They also have staff at the end of the phone, and can organise meetings with you at your office or theirs.

If you go with them, they do everything for you but you pay for it. Typically you will be signed into a contract with them for a number of years and the monthly fee will be comparable to our one-time fee.

How are we so much cheaper?

Well, we have no contracts and we do not have meetings or offer the telephone hardware support. Basically you source your own telephone hardware and we provide your audio – professionally recorded and royalty-free for use in perpetuity with our one-time fee.

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