100% Free On Hold Music

Looking for free on-hold music for your system?

We will give you four on-hold tracks to choose from absolutely free today. Short, generic hold messages feature throughout. Furthermore, we will send you additional free tracks, including Christmas tracks, throughout the year.

Here’s a Demo of On Hold Music You Can Get Today

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Free On Hold Music

Are these really free?

Yes. This is 100% totally free to use. This is not like the ‘free demo’ that other companies will provide and then get you to sign and pay a contract if you wish to use it. Furthermore, this is not a sales tactic either. No sales people will contact you.

Why are they free?

They are simple generic messages that can be used without our intervention. Offering a free option is good for giving our business exposure and helps you too.

Will I ever be asked to pay?

No payment is due to use these in your on hold system. We own this content and have the right to offer it for free.

What about PRS / ASCAP / BMI etc?

These tracks are not registered with any of those agencies so they cannot lawfully charge you a license. If you do have any issues, just contact us.

What is the catch?

No catch. Unless you consider providing an email address as a catch. This is simply so that we can see who has this audio and send new ones when they are ready. You can also learn about other offers and unsubscribe anytime. Your email address is kept private and we never spam.

Can I have my company name in the message?

Yes, but we can’t do that for free. This will require hiring a voice over and doing some editing/production, which we have to charge for. We are competitively priced and only charge a one-time fee – See our pricing.

What if they don’t work in our system?

We will send you them in the most common formats for telephone use. However, if you need an alternative format or have any problems with them please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. You must not redistribute, sub-license, sell, rent, edit or present these messages as your own. They are copyright of Bright Cloud Media Limited / On Hold Messaging Direct. All Rights Reserved. They are not copyright free or public domain; they are owned by us and we are giving you permission to use them in your on hold system.

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