On Hold Voice & Music Packages

Here are a few facts about our On Hold Voice and Music Packages:

  • Our package price is based on the total number of words in your script regardless of whether it contains IVR voice prompts, an answer machine greeting, an out-of-hours message, or on-hold marketing messages. You just need to know how many words make up your complete script.
  • Your telephone voice prompts and messages are recorded by professional voice-over artists
  • Your on-hold production is created by experienced audio producers
  • We don’t use a fixed amount of time between on-hold messages. We use our expert judgement when spacing these out and go with what feels right.
  • The on-hold music selected by you is extended to fit the duration of your on-hold production
  • The music volume is lowered during the voiceover messages to give a more professional sound and a better caller experience
  • We recommend using one music track for a 100 / 200-word on-hold package. For larger packages, you can select additional music tracks to add variety for your caller
  • If you select 2 or more tracks for your on-hold music, we will mix these in to play consecutively
  • You may want to consider a seasonal version of your on-hold. For example, have a Christmas track mixed in with your on-hold messages to play over the Christmas period.

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